Welcome to Beijing Photography workshops

Hello and welcome on this website: Beijing photography workshops.

This is a project i have now been working on for a few years. I was already giving some photography workshops in Montreal, Quebec . Thru the years, i have understood that sharing my passion about photography is one of the best things in my life. Learning about your camera and the settings, meeting people, having fun, spending a day together and talk only about photography, that’s what these workshops are about.

I first came to China in 2013 and i fell in love with the culture, its people. Of course the food. But i have found here an infinite playground to work on my photography. Beijing is a big and wonderful city full of corners to be discovered and situations to be put on an image. I love it so much that i have decided to move here in 2018 and slowly start what in was already doing back in Montreal, give some workshops.

One of the things i say to all my students: I can teach you how to take a photography in a few hours, but it will take all your life to learn how to be a photographer. At every workshop i give, i think i learn more from my students that they learn from me!

In the next year or so, i will develop more workshops and events for the photography community in Beijing. If you have any comments or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Photography is fun , it’s good for your mental health and who knows, it might be more than a hobby!