I took Francois‘ street photography class to get more confident in this genre. He gave some great advice to us to think about, to study and at least of course to practice. I definitely learned to be more confident in my photography, to try out new techniques and specially getting close even to strangers. Thanks for a great day, great class and a wonderful group to get inspired.


I attended two classes with Francois Nadeau: “Introduction to Digital Photography” and “Street Photography”. Both were excellent in their own right as well as in combination. Introduction to Digital Photography provided comprehensive technical basics that any photographer should know. Francois explained clearly and on the basis on our individual cameras, gave practical examples and was always ready to answer questions or take the conversation somewhere of interest to a student. In line with his remark “someone can teach these things in a few hours but it will take a life-time to practice and make them work”, he then took us out for exercises and provided tricks, tips and hands-on guidance. In Street Photography the theory was less technical and more focused on masters of the craft/ genre, their approaches and the way we perceive photographs. After a conversation around these topics we ventured out to shoot Beijings street life. Francois provided the general direction that everyone moved in, but within that everyone was free to follow their own impulses on where and what to capture. He had a good overview over who did what and found time to attend to everyone on their respective level by using learning opportunities that presented themselves in situations at hand: light, movements, people, patterns… Both classes: Great fun and learning alike! What is next?


I signed up for the Introduction workshop. 100% worth it. Got to learn how to use and understand my camera, had a great time trying out the all that Francois taught us and got to meet new people. Francois is a a thoughtful, open and wonderful teacher. Definitely worth it if you’re a newbie like me. Looking forward to practicing and signing up for more workshops. Thanks Francois


Thank you for the workshop on street photography, Francois. I believe it was useful and interesting for those who have already in love with street storytelling as well as for those who are only starting this exciting journey! I personally picked up quite a few ideas and learned about some famous Chinese street photographers!.

Alexey, Russia

I am so happy that I chose Francois's workshop. With all the input, the encouragement, the many tips and hints, the nice company, it was not only a beautiful day but it took me a big step forward. I have gained self-confidence - Francois helped me grow, and to step out of my comfort zone. Now, I just have to keep at it.

Linni B.

I took a photo workshop with François Nadeau. I really appreciate hi teaching approach and he always been keen to answer our questions. Later during practice he made us discover various huntong areas in Beijing. He gave me confidence and I strongly recommend him to anyone who’s interested in photography.


I attended François Nadeau's workshop on Digital Photography two years ago. Besides the fact that I enjoyed his company, I found this two days' workshop very useful as I could understand how my digital camera worked and learned to use it in manual mode. Mastering one's camera makes photography much more enjoyable than being mastered by it. Ghislaine


There are things that cannot be taught with YouTube or Online Cass and that is the feeling I had after I attended a street photography workshop with Francois Nadeau. The workshop helped me make the transition from “technique” to “art” and I feel the trigger was the whole experience of watching doing, being there and getting precious feedback and mentoring.