Photo exploration in the Forbidden city

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This photography workshop in the Forbidden City in Beijing would focus primarily on capturing stunning images within this iconic imperial palace complex. Here’s are the highlights of this workshop.

We will start with a brief orientation on the unique opportunities and challenges presented by photographing in the Forbidden City. This include a discussions on lighting conditions, architectural details, and interesting focal points. We will go thru some technical tips on photography, including guidance on composition, framing, exposure settings, and the use of different lenses. Emphasis would be placed on maximizing the visual impact of each shot.

Participants would engage in hands-on shooting sessions, experimenting with different photographic techniques. This might include capturing the play of light and shadow, experimenting with long exposures, or finding unique angles to highlight the architectural beauty. You will have the opportunity to share their photos with the group, fostering a collaborative environment and i will give you some constructive feedback.

The workshop will include creative challenges or assignments to encourage to think outside the box and push the creative boundaries. This could involve capturing specific themes, experimenting with different styles, or interpreting the Forbidden City in a unique way.

The workshop will conclude with a final session for participants to reflect on their experience, share their favorite images, and discuss any challenges they overcame during the workshop.

Participants could work towards building a small portfolio of their best shots from the workshop. This could be a tangible takeaway that showcases their skills and the unique perspectives they captured within the Forbidden City.

By concentrating on the photography aspect, this workshop aims to provide participants with practical skills, creative inspiration, and a collection of captivating images taken within the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Forbidden City.

What do you need?

Any camera, hybrid or reflex, with manual and semi-automatic mode.
Very important, you need charged batteries and empty memory card. No tripods as they are not allowed to be used.
Good shoes (we are gonna walk a lot!!), hat and a smile!!

Time: 13:00 am to 5:00 PM .
Price: 600 RMB/person (group from 2 to 4 people).
Admission fee at Forbidden City not included.
Contact me if you want a private session
Place we meet: To be determined

Please reserve now as places are limited. Contact me by wechat or email at

Cancellation and refund policy

A deposit of 50% will be asked on your inscription. The remaining balance will be paid the day of the workshop. You are eligible for a full refund of the deposit if the cancellation is 1 week (7 days) before the workshop or else the deposit is no-refundable. But you can transfer the deposit to someone else or apply it to a future workshop.

Beijing Photography Workshops reserves the right to cancel the workshop anytime for any reasons. We will then give you a refund of your deposit or arrange an alternative date for the workshop. This workshop require a minimun of 2 peoples. If they are are not enough participants, we will then give you an refund of your deposit or arrange a alternative date for the workshop.

We are not responsible of your equipment or any accidents that might happen during the workshop.